Nearby Attractions

Located just outside Warsaw, Hotel Zielonki allows its Guests not only to enjoy all the attractions offered by Warsaw. The conveniently located Hotel Zielonki also provides quick access to Żelazowa Wola where everyone can appreciate the beauty of Chopin’s music. Our location is also the best solution for all those who appreciate the qualities of nature and wildlife at the Kampinos National Park. The untouched wildlife of the Park as well as architectural monuments located there can be appreciated during a walk or a bike ride. In both cases, it will remain forever in the memory of our Guests and it will make Hotel Zielonki your favourite place to rest on your next visit to Warsaw.

We encourage you to visit the biggest attractions of Warsaw, such as: the National Stadium, The Royal Castle, The Palace of Culture and Science, The Warsaw Uprising Museum, Łazienki Park, Copernicus Science Centre, The National Museum, Museum of the Polish Army as well as the Wilanów Palace.

A must see in Żelazowa Wola is the house were the legendary Polish composer Fryderyk Chopin was born. Admire the beauty of the surrounding seven-acre landscape park by the river Utrata. The Kampinosk National Park invites it’s to Guests walk around the impenetrable pine forests. The pines which are excellent for your health. The landscape of the park is very rich and dominated by two contrasting elements – sand dunes and marshes. There are 360 km of hiking trails in the park. The park also has a number of cultural monuments.